Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Aftermath In Photos

Dishes are so patient, aren't they? First they sit in the cupboard or in the china cabinet waiting to be put to use. Then they hang around waiting to be washed. Once they're clean, they sit on the table waiting to be put back in the cabinet. They never complain or fuss. I'm just cluing in to why I love dishes so much!

Five days post-Thanksgiving, this is still the only Christmas decoration on display. Like the dishes, they sit quietly waiting to be unwrapped and see the light of day. Also, isn't this beautiful? If you want to buy something similar, go here!

As you can see, my CD shelf is nearly to the point of running over. Not anticipating that I might store videos on this stretch of wall, how totally amazing is it that the shelf tucks in neatly fractions of an inch under the pictures of adorable sons already hanging there! I love it when things work out. They often do. I just need to relax, sit back, and let things unfold as they will. I still believe in the Dish Fairy.

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