Friday, November 11, 2016

Righting an Enormous Wrong

Experiencing voter's regret over having cast your ballot for hewhoshallnotbenamed? Or perhaps regretting not getting your sorry ass out to vote in the first place? Have I got a deal for you! Go here and sign the petition. The Electoral College meets on December 19 to determine who takes the Presidency for the next four years. This is what will happen if hewhoshallnotbenamed becomes President. My underemployed 24yo son will likely lose his health insurance coverage, along with those who have pre-existing conditions as well as all of the people given coverage by the ACA. Women will lose their reproductive right to choose. hewhoshallnotbenamed is a science denier meaning you can kiss clean, renewable energy goodbye as well as this country's participation in curbing Climate Change. The EPA will get kicked to the curb along with clean water, air, and soil in tow. It will be open season on women, people of color, LGBT folk, Muslims, immigrants, face it, pretty much anyone who doesn't precisely conform to hewhoshallnotbenamed's vision of America. And last time I looked, all of the aforementioned are American citizens. Just like you. This isn't fearmongering. This isn't selling you a bill of goods. And it sure as hell isn't telling you what you want to hear. But it is the facts. Make no mistake, if you do nothing, you will suffer the fate that hewhoshallnotbenamed's ill-informed, ill-advised policies will impose on us all. What kind of country do you want to live in? What kind of world will you leave to your children and grandchildren? Consult your conscience and your deity of choice and act accordingly. 

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