Sunday, November 13, 2016

Freshly Painted Throughout!

Today's title was a selling point for my house. I have to say it was an accurate statement. Because of this phenomenon, I have a sneaking suspicion that the real estate business as a whole has a stake in paint futures. Or stocks. Sherwin-Williams heirs perhaps? The thing is, if the former owners painted, and they did, but also hung about forty million things on the walls and left all the various nails, wall anchors, and hooks lodged in the freshly painted walls without leaving matching paint behind to repair all that shit after they were removed, then the phrase freshly painted throughout is totally moot! Ahem. Or I could have done what my dear mother always did. She hung up her stuff on the nails that were already there when we moved into a new abode. And seemed fine with it. Even if the height or placement was kind of odd. This is not a trait I inherited from her. After several days of applying wall spackle, moving curtain rod brackets, and cleaning back into the corners, today I painted three of the four walls in the living room Olympic Lovely Linen in the satin finish. Then I ran out of spoons. I'm taking tomorrow off painting duty but will be back at it in a couple of days. I have to go shopping. Tonight's post-painting, celebratory beer is the last one in the fridge.

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