Saturday, November 19, 2016

Food on the Brain

I'm thinking about practically nothing but food. So I might as well write about food. A new addition to the Thanksgiving spread this year is peach cobbler. Seeing as I'm half Southern and I have a freezer full of peaches this seems appropriate. Also very easy to convert to gluten free for the elder son's enjoyment. Though I don't remember if he likes peaches. Hmmm. I do know that he loves chocolate chip cookies which are also pretty easy to convert to gluten free, I even found GF oatmeal! I'm also needing to adjust oven temps and some ingredients for the higher elevation here. Darling DiL Liz has shared her family's recipe for cranberry salad. She brought it along to TDay dinner a few years ago and I loved it! Now that she's part of the family, so is the cranberry salad. Win, win! In non-culinary holiday preparations, the living room and dining room are freshly painted. Amazing what I can accomplish when I approach a big project by breaking it down into small increments. It took nearly a week, basically two walls at a time with a day of rest in between. Made me a little crazy to live with the furniture discombobulation for those extra days, but no injuries and enough spoons to get it done. I'm guessing it will take two more shopping trips to get everything for Thursday's spread. Plus the Wednesday slipping around the corner to the liquor store for a couple of items. Have I mentioned that there is a liquor store on my block? I still find this fact quite amazing. Turns out it is all about location.

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