Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bar Cart

Behold the bar cart. Every time, or nearly every time, when I say bar cart, Reid retorts with Bart car. I ask, do you see anything remotely suggesting the Simpsons here? Me, neither. I expect he just enjoys saying the anagram. And grinning. This was the original entrance to the hallway where the bedrooms are located. When bedroom #3 was opened up into the living room providing another route, it didn't seem necessary to use this passage any longer. This area also has a somewhat cumbersome floor transition from the ceramic tile to the laminate in the hall. My solution was to block it off with a screen, creating a space to park the bar cart. On the other side is a convenient niche for towel storage and a hamper right next to the bathroom. It does make for a few extra steps from my bedroom to the coffee maker in the morning, but it's a compromise I'm willing to live with when compared to the inevitable tripping and swearing.

Inside the drawer we find shot glasses, swizzly stirry thingys, and various other implements with which to open and later seal up bottles of wine.

When the doors are opened, voila, we have wine storage and room to tuck other things away. Is that a blender? Mounted on the left side of the cart is a towel rack! I really must run out and get a bar-themed towel to hang there. The bar cart. A handy and festive addition to any home.

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