Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things Fromunda the Fridge

If you will recall, an interesting infestation revealed itself when the old stove was removed. Same goes for the fridge. A couple of magnets, a wall anchor, one superball and one marble, and an assortment of letters that would be a totally shitty draw if you were playing Scrabble. Not pictured is a seriously grungy SpongeBob placemat that emerged in an earlier cleaning episode that went directly into the trash. Also not shown are the several shards of broken glass that were disposed of before anyone was injured. In other surprising news, I found and removed a small Lego block lodged in my bathtub drain. It drains much better now. I'm almost afraid to investigate the loft out in the garage.


Tantra Flower said...


When I was about six or so, my dad decided to install a new dishwasher in our new family home. When he pulled out the old dishwasher, it was so disgusting that he actually threw up. After a few failed attempts to wipe it up himself, he basically ordered me to do it for him. Pretty sure it scared me for life.

Tantra Flower said...

I should clarify, it was the floor where the old dishwasher had been that I had to wipe up -- not his vomit (though I'm pretty sure his vomit would have been more pleasant, actually).

Bellona of Avalon said...

Suppose that would depend on what he had eaten!

Oh, no! The floor under the stove was soooo gross that those little catnip mice were STUCK to the goo that was there!

So happy you're reading! We should talk soon!