Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spooooooky Booooooooks

I finished a craft project! If you will remember back two years ago, I had been seeing Halloween themed faux books and thought they were pretty cool but pricey. So I rescued three books of sizes that stacked nicely that were on their way to be donated. I tucked them away with the idea that I would decorate them seasonally the next year. Last fall I got as far as downloading some spooky looking fonts and printing out possible book titles to affix to the book spines. Then I ended up doing something completely different! Paint, stickers, and Mod Podge came into play as the books were transformed into their current state. Isn't this fun? I tried to catch the witch water ball with its tiny black bats and stars suspended after a vigorous shaking but was not able to snap a picture quickly enough.

What I was able to catch, without realizing it in the process, was this tiny rainbow filtered through the witchy water ball. Even when I'm trying to be creepy and spooky I get cheery rainbows. I must be part unicorn.

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