Friday, October 21, 2016

Mr. Cohen, I Presume

I was just listening to Fresh Air, a repeat of the 2006 interview with Leonard Cohen. Host Terry Gross started off with music from his new album, You Want it Darker. The most recent album of his that I have is Ten New Songs, released in 2001. Which has me feeling grateful toward someone who is no longer in my life for exposing me to Cohen's writings, music, and poetry. I would probably at least be peripherally aware of him due to his songs Hallelujah and the Jennifer Warnes cover of First We Take Manhattan that got some radio play in the late 80's. But that only scratches the surface of his incredibly prolific catalog. Through Cohen I became aware of the poet Constatine Cavafy, and I have to say the two of them have made my life much richer. Cohen's singing was an acquired taste for me, it took a while to appreciate his seven note range and gravelly delivery. He has the good sense to duet up with some amazing lady vocalists to fill in the gaps such as Warnes and Sharon Robinson. So I'm feeling grateful. For people who have passed through my life and left gifts behind for me to enjoy. And also for those who remain and the gifts yet to come. 

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