Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Newt's Secret Life

This is Newton. He's an indoor cat. Never makes a dash for an open door. He's a cushy upholstery, pillow and blankie loving guy. But Sunday evening, as I was making my rounds closing things up for the night, I found the patio door screen open a few inches. And realized I hadn't seen Newt for a while. This isn't unusual, he has several spots around the house where he tucks in and naps, or whatever it is cats do when humans aren't watching, so I closed the screen. After a look around for him, I returned to the patio door and called out for him. I heard his fussy meow as it emerged from the darkness of the back yard. I called again and Newton himself appeared and made a beeline for the open door. He seemed a bit agitated as he tore into the house with his poufed-up tail. I expect we can add opening the patio door screen to his list of cat tricks. 

Here we see Newt trying to ignore all the moths gathered on the screen earlier tonight. I like to think of this as a touch-screen video game for cats. I wonder if he's thinking about his outdoor adventure two nights ago. I have no idea. And I have no intention of crossing the catbrane.

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