Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Tiny, Very Full Office

With the exception of the bathrooms, my office is the smallest room in the house. I'm guessing it comes in at about 8' x 8'. And it's also probably the most densely decorated room. I have taken advantage of every vertical and horizontal bit of space the room possesses. I like to have comforting objects around when I write or pay bills or engage in other computer associated activities. Can you believe I committed to disposing of half my odd collectible items before the move? And accomplished that goal? 

I kept the Barbies. And the faeries. And the Barbie faerie.

I have a couch! It's actually the 20 year old loveseat from the former living room. A primo napping and reading spot.

Lucy and Ethyl. Faerie books. One of two lamps with pom-pom bedecked lampshades that you might recognize from way back when

Polar bears. Penguins. Pink flamingos. Bowling trophies. 

I have recently become a fan of industrial, heavy duty, steel shelving. Holds up well for storing weighty things like photos and binders and office supplies. I know what you're thinking. She didn't get rid of anything! She just figured out how to organize stuff! I did get rid of stuff. Lots of crafting supplies and picture frames. Half my books. And I did finish up this little task before the move. Also trying to go paperless as much as is practical. I still need to pull down the tacky blinds and install the better ones I removed from my bedroom. And paint the two battered wooden bookcases a lovely bright turquoise. And recover the couch cushions with some crazy bright green fabric. So I can recycle the floral print stuff into the living room where it belongs. But this room is mostly done. If you ask me, the best thing about having so much stuff hanging on the walls is I won't need to bother with painting this room.

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