Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Thousand Words. Actually 172.

So. Jill sends me this photo and asks who is this? And I stare at it totally stumped. Hmmm. I'm grinning, he's grinning. Who the heck is the guy? Hmmmm. I don't wear that sweater all that often. It's wool and almost too warm unless it's very cold outside. Hmmm. Where are we? And doesn't my hair look great? Probably just got it cut. Thank you, Amelia! Gaaahhhh! Crawford's in downtown Sioux Falls! The guy is our server! He was very tolerant of our mildly inappropriate behavior. There was wine involved. This was a cold night in January about a year and a half ago. Tami and Jill and I were out for food and eventually wound up at a dive called Billy Frog's to see Jill's friend Trish and to witness the finals of a karaoke contest. There was tequila involved. The singing was marginal to awful. We did not drive. This was smart. A good time was had by all. At least as far as the photo evidence would indicate.

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