Sunday, August 21, 2016

Welcome to My Color Wheel

The oops green has been demoted to baby shit green. Fortunately, I found paint in the garage to cover my experimental paint-swatch areas. I'm coming around to the idea that the living and dining room walls need to be a neutral color. I have so many intense colors with the deep greens and blues that a neutral wall sets them off nicely. Maybe a just slightly golden, very light beige will do. Aren't you fascinated? If you're still reading you must be! Thanks so much for your patience while I babble on and on. Still happy with the pink bathroom. Still planning to pink up the sitting area off the kitchen as well as the teensy bits of wall in the kitchen that aren't already covered by cabinets and tile. This will entail removing the unsightly land line phone mounting above the counter top and then patching the wall. Doesn't that sound like fun? There will be a more intense pink on the accent wall behind the bookshelves and the bathroom pink will be tweaked just a bit for the rest of that space. One of these days you'll get to see more pictures of my adorable brick bungalow in progress. Decorating is a process that is never quite complete. Still so many odd nails and screws in the walls that demand removal and patching. Repair first, prettify second. Let this be our motto. Oh, and remind me to call the electrician tomorrow. He's an elusive guy.

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