Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Opening doors just isn't radical enough for me. I prefer removing them entirely. My office and bedroom closets were equipped with heavy sliding doors that didn't agree with my cranky hands. The doors have been banished to the garage and have been replaced with curtain panels. Certainly more decorative and infinitely easier to deal with.

Newton agrees that easy closet access is important. No, I have not been able to train him to put things away. Rather, he has adopted my office closet as his very own sanctum/nap retreat hideaway.

Same idea in my bedroom. Grommet-top curtain panels gathered onto a shower curtain rod! No hardware to install!

Moving on to the kitchen. Again, my irritable hands protested every time I had to wrestle one of the frying pans out of the corner revolving cabinet where they were neatly nested. I missed my pot rack from the old house! Solution? A smaller version pot rack that is very low profile. The only spot to hang it interfered with the operation of a small cabinet door, so clearly it had to go. Once removed, a niche was revealed! A spot to stash a few decorative items.

Just opposite the pot rack was an odd, slanty cabinet that didn't seem practical to store much of anything. So, naturally, off came the door and in went some more decoratey-type items. I would like to thank my son, who is both tall and handy with a screwdriver for helping me accomplish these small projects. Now I have six odd doors out in the garage. I promise to merely store them, not brainstorm their possibilities for other household applications. 

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