Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Laundry List

1. Next Monday I will have fulfilled the requirements for Colorado residency!

2. Meaning I can go swap my South Dakota driver's license for its Colorado equivalent.

3. Once I have acquired the Colorado hard card, I will have accomplished attaining legal driving status in three states.

4. The states alluded to in item 3 are North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado.

5. Max has yet to make an appearance. He must be hiding out with the lemon essence kitchen hand soap dispenser and my hot glue gun, which have also failed to show up since the move.

6. The guest room, which still requires major wall repair and painting, has now had two successful runs!

7. Two doorbell rings in as many weeks have been sales reps from home security system companies. 

8. In reference to item 7, I take a dim view of companies and their employees who use fearmongering to sell their products. Shame on them!

9. It would be very, very extremely splendid if the son gets the phone call today saying, you're hired!

10. I have scored 100% on two online quizzes this week. The subjects were 1980's comedies and Lutheran slang. What a treasure trove of information is lodged in my brain!

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