Friday, August 19, 2016

Swashing my Buckle

When I was a freshman in college in Minneapolis, I listened to the rock 'n roll radio station U100. I remember that they pushed the envelope with highly inappropriate jokes, especially during the early morning drive hours. Rex King, The Singing Weatherman didn't give out much information about the weather, but did say very rude things about his wife, often singing them in a raspy voice. I also remember bizarre and hilarious "freeway games" they would describe for commuters to participate in if they were bored in standstill traffic.

As you can see, U100 was a short-lived concern. I'm pretty sure I won a call-in contest to get the belt buckle. Because I was an on-air disc jockey for the college radio station, KCMR, I met a number of Twin Cities radio personalities when they were invited for a career day event. I remember meeting Chucker Morgan mostly because I was astonished that I was taller than him! I'm seldom taller than anyone with the exception of children under the age of twelve, and never adult males. I'm guessing he put all his marbles into developing a remarkable, deep and buttery voice instead of height. I learned what the letters across the bottom, BHALOC, stand for after relentlessly pestering one of the DJs. All I have to share about that is that the letters indicate the punch line for a very dirty joke. All he would divulge was the punch line, not the entirety of the joke, and expressed regret that it was etched on the back of the buckle as an inside joke. After a quick Google search, I see that someone is selling their belt buckle for twenty-five bucks. I think I'll hang on to mine, probably tuck it back into the box where I recently discovered it amongst other bits of memorabilia. I expect I'll have to become famous in my own right before souvenirs from my youth are considered more valuable than the brass they're made of.

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