Saturday, August 20, 2016


Aren't these cool? Tiny artifacts from my Norwegian grandparents. And they are tiny. The Rebekahs pin, the R with the chain links inside a circle, is just smaller than a dime. They are so detailed! In case you didn't know, The Rebekahs are a service organization that started out as the auxiliary to the Odd Fellows, though they are now a stand on their own sort of thing. Knut and Esther belonged to a number of local branches of service clubs, most notably the Sons of Norway. You can see one of his lapel pins on the upper left. On the upper right is his Moose Lodge tie tack. I'm currently wearing them on my jean jacket even though I have no affiliation with these organizations. Which means if anyone offers me a check to support any of the IOOM, SoN, or Rebekahs causes, I will certainly forward said funds to them without delay. I promise.

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