Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our Royal Flush Beats Your Full House

Plans for becoming Colorado-licensed drivers have been derailed. By the second water issue in less than a month! The difference being that the first water issue was clean water leaking from the toilet shut-off valve. Last night we had water, not nasty, chunky stinky water, but relatively clean looking water backing up from the laundry room floor drain, the downstairs shower drain, and spilling forth from the toilet bowl. Which spontaneously corrected itself and started draining again while we were mopping. The city has dispatched a truck with a camera to inspect their section of the sewer pipe and it has been declared clean. Well, as clean as something like that can be considered. I think clear would be a better term. Now I get to contact sewer cleaning services and get my fifty feet of pipe cleared. Until that has been accomplished, I have been cautioned against heavy water usage activities such as showering and laundry. And since I would like to be clean and have my hair in some reasonable order for my license pic, I expect I ought to take care of this today. Welcome to my Wednesday.

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