Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fifty Shades of Pink

I have painted the mutha pink before, so this is nothing new. Except it's a new shade. A lovely pink that hovers in the vicinity of Blush and Bashful, her name is Cradle Pink. Olympic OL602.2 in semi-gloss, to be precise. The old house had walls first of Rose Tinted White which were painted over more recently in the more dramatic shade, Pink Sangria. I have missed my pink walls. In this house, there isn't as much wall to paint so I have been in the process of selecting two shades of pink that will work in the off-the-kitchen sitting area as well as my bathroom. Cradle Pink shall cover most of it while Valspar Second Blush 1007-3C in satin shall be the accent color. The accent color is verrrrry close in tone to the swatch just below Cradle Pink in the photo. It is called Brandywine. In other painting news, the oops! green has turned out to be something awful akin to babyshit green. As soon as I identify the appropriate can of paint in the garage, the experimental patches of oops! green will be painted over. There is another disastrous sample of something called Sienna Dust that must also be painted over. Can you believe the previous painter of my bathroom painted the switch and outlet cover plates to match the walls? What kind of civilized person does that? And how does a bathroom ceiling get this filthy? Do I really want to know?

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