Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I live in the Farr Neighborhood. Which prompts the son to inquire, where is the Nearr Neighborhood? I swear he pronounced it with double R's on the end. I gave him the MomLook. Like the nearrby* park, the neighborhood was named for third generation Coloradoan, W.D. Farr. As you can see here, he did a lot of stuff to earn local acclaim. Which is less romantic sounding than notoriety, but better for everyone involved. Mr. Farr and I both had grandfathers who were blacksmiths. Since Mr. Farr was involved in creating water laws in Colorado, I am going to toast him when I fill my glass from the tap with clear, cool, delicious water. That, children, is the local history lesson for today.

*I couldn't resist. I apologize for my punny disposition.

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