Thursday, August 25, 2016


No, it's not winter. Not yet, anyway. And this photo doesn't quite precisely capture what I wanted, but I was too lazy to look back through hundreds of photos and even then probably not find a pic that I wanted to use. So. This is the house in Brookings on a winter's day a few years ago. See the curb across the street? Good. Now imagine about fifteen feet to the right of where the photo ends, which is where the mailbox is located. Out the door and across the street, in all kinds of weather, is where I had to go for my mail and newspaper. On a day like this, not much fun.

This is my current front door. As you can see, the mailbox is right outside the door! I can get the mail without putting on shoes! I do not have to dodge traffic. I do not have to chat with the neighbors across the street. I do not have to endure various sorts of precipitation. I have adjusted to this change. It is an improvement.

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