Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sort of a Hangover

My brain is fuzzy today. I have now fulfilled my normal 7.5 hours of sleep in three shifts, which never seems to be as restful as those hours all in a row. I might just be trying to crawl back into a dream state, a good description of the last three days. You see, my sis Martine has been here for a visit. And like every get-together with a loved one, feels full and joyous in the moment, almost dreamlike, and over all too soon. I believe we can chalk this up to a successful first run of the guest room! She is now home safely, and I'm certain her kitties are very happy to see their human. More later on our three day sister adventure, but for now, my fuzzy brain requires less thoughtful activities. I feel fully capable of operating the tv, dvd, and Roku remotes without injuring myself. Anything more taxing would likely be hazardous.

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