Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Want to be Carolyn Hax When I Grow Up

Carolyn Hax is so effing brilliant. The following, from today's column on choosing to be happy rather than pessimistic....

When you feel wronged and angry and you’re awaiting your apology or due or whatever, choosing joy means accepting that someone got the best of you and you’ll never get your due. It means accepting that any joy in your future will have to be of your own making. Ego out, perspective in.

This bit of insight falls right in line with my FYC* resolution. Foregiveness. To be mindful that if I am hoarding any residual anger or disappointment toward anyone over anything, to choose to forgive that person and let it go. Embracing forgiveness is freeing. Forgiving and letting go opens up an astonishing vastness of space within you that can then be filled with productive thought, positive emotions, and a clearer vision forward. It's a good thing. A good thing that has taken me too long to learn. At this point in my life I don't feel as if I have the luxury to waste one bit of energy or focus on negativity. I choose to wake up grateful. I choose to savor simple, enjoyable things. I choose to find joy in my accomplishments, no matter how small. And on the days when there just aren't enough spoons to check anything off the to-do list, to allow myself a day off without guilt. Because you must, absolutely must, find a way to forgive yourself when you need it. Makes everything shiny again. Try it.

*Fiscal Year Carla

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