Saturday, July 23, 2016

About Last Night, Part Trois

Sitting out on the patio under the overcast night sky. With an adult beverage and a seriously attractive man. It begins to rain. Just a sprinkle or two at first, but soon becomes a gentle, persistent shower. The day has been hot, so the setting sun brought some initial relief but the cool drops landing on my neck and arms are a welcome respite. Friendly conversation continues as the rainfall intensifies. In the midst of this, I realize that I am having such an enjoyable time and am so comfortable with this new acquaintance that I don't care how I look. An earlier version of moi would have been a little frantic over how the weather was affecting her hair and makeup and clothing. But, seemingly, not the current me. I am surprised and pleased with this revelation. Reveling in it, even. Newfound confidence? Maybe. I hope it's more that I'm learning what's important and what really isn't, and it didn't require conscious thought and choice to get there. It just happened. Good company and a tasty drink and being present in a very pleasant moment. This is how it ought to be.

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