Thursday, June 16, 2016

Four Ladies Four

I love this photo so much. Not just because it's a pic of adorable toddler me, but because Grandma Esther is actually smiling! She wasn't particularly smiley in person, but for photos it seems she rarely smiled a genuine smile. This must have been the house in Alamo, judging by the curtain fabric and the year, 1958. It's a bit jarring to realize that I am the only one still living of the four of us. Me, in my gorgeous mom's lap, barely holding still long enough for the shutter to snap. To the left is Grandma Esther, and on the right is her mother, Great Grandma Bleken. Also a little brain bending is the fact that little sis Martine and I are both older than grandma was when this picture was taken! 

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