Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dropcloths Away!

Today just seems like a paint day. I have a couple of deck chairs that need to go from dark green to white. And as long as the white paint is out, I might as well transform that mirror that I intend to hang in the bathroom. And speaking of the bathroom, I have two paint samples to toss up on the wall to see which one speaks to me. Then there's the color I like to call the oops green that was supposed to be beige but turned out green. The thing is, the oops green looks beautiful with my big comfy chair in the living room. I have a sample size container of it and may slap some up on the wall in the dining room and living room to see what the changing light over the course of the day does with it. Oh, I also have the formula for the oops green should it work out. I still haven't found the iron or the hanging light fixture for my bedroom. I have found the cookie sheets and the drill bits. I need to sell the stove in the garage, which I estimate shall fully fund the interior painting projects. And I need to go grocery shopping. And I'm out of beer. Suddenly it feels like I didn't get up early enough.

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