Thursday, May 26, 2016

We Have Arrived

Yes, hello, we are back on the internets! I am happy to say that after just over three weeks I have adjusted to Mountain Daylight Time. Okay, yeah, it's just an hour and mostly a mental thing, but still. The trailer containing most of our stuff has arrived and departed. In between, a three man team from Little Guys Moving showed up and did an outstanding job unloading. I have learned a couple of things. Firstly, that the professionals I hired to load did, at best, a questionable job. A fair amount of shifting occurred during transport resulting in a great deal of furniture surface damage. Not enough to bother to put in a claim on my homeowner's insurance but disappointing all the same. Seven or eight totes and boxes that were loaded on the top broke open and spilled their contents all over the place. My outdoor wood bench was significantly damaged. I'm hoping a couple of blocks of wood and a few screws will render it sittable once more. The leaf for my dining room table was scuffed so severely I fear there is no repairing it. For now, it will take up residence in the basement and if used will require a tablecloth. And a couple of items came out of the trailer that weren't supposed to be loaded in the first place! Meh. And the three rows of boxes that Reid and I loaded didn't budge a bit. Damn, we're good. I have spent part of the morning researching electric lawnmowers online. With my small yard such a mower could be a terrific choice. They come in at about half the weight of a gas powered mower so I may be able to manage mowing once more! Plus no pull start, merely the flick of a switch! No gas, no oil changes, no noise! Please, take my money! I am so in love with this house. I have about half of an organized living room. The kitchen is a total disaster. And to make up for the tacky blinds the former owners left in place, they also left behind eight linen curtain panels that are lovely and will work nicely in my bedroom. Sometimes things just work out.

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