Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Delightful, Delicious Detour

It's sunny in the canyon today. Time to put on my hiking boots and go for a walk among the trees. Reid and I had a bit of a dinnertime adventure last night. We turned left from the end of the driveway to check out Cheyenne Crossing only to discover that they are closed Monday and Tuesday nights. Meaning that we then traversed the entire length of Spearfish Canyon back to Spearfish on the other end. Despite my magical ability to get lost, I also have a magical ability to locate locales I have been to only one time. Meaning that we got to enjoy a most delicious local pizza experience at Dough Trader Pizza. The toppings are fresh and delectable and the homemade, hand stretched sourdough crust melts in your mouth. We will have to work in a burger at Cheyenne Crossing before we depart later this week, but sometimes an unexpected detour take you precisely where you ought to be.

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