Monday, May 30, 2016

Boxes and Buckets and Totes, Oh, My!

So many unpacked, flattened boxes. So many still full boxes. I have yet to locate the silverware tray. And there is one lamp missing. My desk is assembled! Furniture arrangement for most of the upstairs has been thoughtfully considered and taking shape. I am still living out of my suitcase. Three ringy-dingies, three messages, and ten days later, the electrician still has not returned my call. I need to find a local contractor to dig two egress windows. The lawn needs mowed. And the new lawnmower won't arrive until later this week. I really want to abandon working on unpacking and putting away activities and buy flowers and pot them. I only have three beers left in the fridge. My first high altitude baking endeavor turned out well with a pan of brownies for Reid's birthday on Saturday. Even after scrubbing away at the kitchen cabinets, they retain a bit of surface stickiness. Ew. Fortunately, the interior of them is clean so dishes and such can find a place to be. It's days like this I could use Mickey Mouse in a wizard outfit commanding a platoon of brooms to move this process along. Pardon me while I put on the Fantasia soundtrack.

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