Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tiny Rant

This is not an enormous, earth shattering deal. It's one of those duck nibbles of life. I'm on Facebook in order to keep in contact with friends and family. Not to buy stuff. Why do you think I use Chrome's Adblock feature? It effectively blocks commercial advertisers but is completely ineffective on my friends who use social media to sell their stuff. I don't mind the occasional post of friends selling personal items or sharing info on craft fairs or other events. But I currently  have a friend who has been peddling weight loss, nutritional aid, and detox wraps in her feed as well as attempting to recruit new devotees to her magical cause.  It's clearly a pyramid selling scheme. For what I consider totally bogus products. Another friend has just begun selling a fancy line of skin care. Meh. My advice to these friends? Start a page devoted to your sales endeavors. Encourage your friends to like and follow the page. Keep your business out of my friendly news feed. Don't make me do it for you.

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