Thursday, April 7, 2016

This Week in Relocation

All the books are packed. Except for the cookbooks. I might still cook something, you never know. A mover has been hired. Negotiating electrical updates on the new house. New water heater installed here. Deck repair is waiting til Sunday when the weather is rumored to be more pleasant than the damp, rainy stuff we have been experiencing. I stopped at three different moving places yesterday looking for boxes specifically designed for framed things you hang on the wall. Because those things are no longer hanging on the walls and need to be packed. But had no luck. So I shall improvise boxes using cardboard and tape. Probably lots of tape. In other news, it is spring cleanup time here. Which coincides nicely with me cleaning out things I do not wish to take along, that aren't good enough to sell, but may be deemed worthy by someone driving by to be saved from the landfill. The rusty metal shelves, broken chairs, and cat-peed-upon area rugs have been claimed by curbside shoppers. Someone even took the boxes of VHS and cassette tapes. Why, I can't imagine. Unless they were hoping to find home-produced porn. All I have to say about that is one emphatic eeeeewwwwwwww!

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