Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The King & Prince

Well, this is mildly interesting. But as far as I can determine there is no cause/effect thing going on. When I moved to this fair, midwestern college town, it was the month that Elvis Presley died. Well known by his iconic first name as well as The King. It occurred to me last week that I am moving away from here the month that Prince died. Another music icon known by a single name, his first given name, which also denotes royalty. I'm really going to try to not think about this and a possible deeper meaning. But now that I've considered this long enough to write about it, it occurs to me that Elvis and my father were both born in Mississippi, not quite a year apart in age. Prince was a life-long Minnesota resident, a neighboring state to where I currently live, have often traveled to, and attended college. Prince and I are also just less than a year apart in age. I'm stopping now before any other totally insignificant similarities crop up in my brain. Thank you for bearing with me. Please go on about your day.

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