Thursday, April 7, 2016

Remembering Edna

Today is not a significant day, at least not to my knowledge, as far as my mother is concerned. But she is on my mind because a friend lost her mother yesterday morning, who was also named Edna. So I was looking for a picture of her to post. And I found four! Feast your eyes upon my teenage mom, all of these were taken during the late 1940's when she was in high school.

Riding pants and boots? No particular occasion is indicated. Maybe my love for dressing up in one costume or another comes directly from her.

Edna to the left and her sister Mamie to the right. They were best friends. Seeing how close they are here, it truly breaks my heart to know that they were estranged for nearly thirty years and reconciled only when their brother, Ken, died in 2002.

Doing her best Jackie Kennedy? Queen Elizabeth? I sure as hell didn't look this beautiful and regal when I was eighteen!

This is the only one that's dated, somewhat ambiguously, though. Grandma Esther's writing on the back says Edna Ruud -- Prom -- about 1948.

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