Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lucky Thirteen

Thirteen days left before heading west. Moving sale today was a pretty decent success. I am exhausted and just finishing my second beer. I should probably make a list of stuff I still have to do. Maybe then I'll stop waking up at 4am going over the mental list. I did just send out the electronic invite to the last bash I hostess here next weekend. I am encouraging friends to come help drink up my booze while I feed them an interesting menu based on the remaining contents of my freezer. The firepit will be burning until all the firewood is gone. And I will be sending random items home with party attendees. You have been warned. Make sure you bring your pickup! I hear my bathtub beckoning me. I will be sad to leave it behind. You often hear people say that thing about the kitchen sink, as in, everything but. As far as I'm concerned you ought to say bathtub. Because a bathtub is way bigger than any kitchen sink I've ever seen. Which is why I will not attempt taking it. While also sounding much more ridiculous. And that's the point, boys and girls. As ridiculous as possible as often as possible. Words of wisdom you will only see here. You can thank me later when I send you packing with, well, I don't know. But it will large. And heavy. And ridiculous. Good night.

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