Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's In The Bag

Yes, I do like to be environmentally responsible. But mostly I didn't feel like tagging every single item in the garage for my moving sale. And I'm reserving the plastic shopping bags I have to use as packing material and for the disposal of cat poop. And then I had a brilliant idea that took into consideration all of these details. So in the ad I placed for my sale I included the line, bring your reusable shopping bag and fill it for $5. I was feeling pretty darn smart, bordering on smug. Now you're thinking, wow, she is smart! And I bet all garage sales will now be adopting this as a regular practice! Um, no. Not a single shopper brought a bag. A couple of people returned to their vehicle and scrounged up a plastic bag. Either no one read the ad. Or none of them own a reusable shopping bag. Or maybe they frequent rummage sales in order to accumulate bags for their cat poop. I really can't say. I still think it's a brilliant idea, and I encourage people to bring their own bags to this level of shopping. In my heart I truly believe that plastic shopping bags should be eliminated at the retail level. I think they are an environmental disaster. I will happily purchase bags for cat poop detail. And I promise to either recycle or responsibly dispose of all plastic shopping bags when I arrive at my new home. And I apologize to plastic bag manufacturers everywhere for destroying their profits and to all people everywhere for the economic repercussions that will ensue from the inevitable layoffs in the plastic bag industry. Is it too late to suggest offsetting this disaster by producing instead designer pet poop bags? As soon as I'm through my plastic bag backlog I promise to be your best customer!

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