Saturday, April 2, 2016

Crying. Just a Little

I've been thinking about the chemistry of teardrops. And how the chemical makeup varies depending on the reason for shedding them. Which reminds me how all over the map I am emotionally over moving. While this move has been long considered and well thought out, the fact remains that this is closing the door on the most recent phase of my life. And leaving the house I have called home for nearly thirty years. I take with me a wealth of memories. And hope to maintain connection with some dearly-loved people who remain here. The tears that catch me at the most unexpected moments must contain a most interesting, varied formula. Because all at the same time I am happy, elated, nostalgic, sad, heavy as well as light-hearted. There is still another month before I leave this house, a couple more weeks after that before I leave the area, and I won't arrive in my new home in another state until the end of May. Until then, I am certain there will be new memories made. And a whole cocktail of tears brushed away.

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