Sunday, April 10, 2016

Continuing Relocation Efforts

Today is deck repair day. Even though the weatherman has exaggerated the warmth and sunshine for this afternoon. In the wise words of Igor, could be worse, could be raining. You can walk through the living room now. Yesterday at this time you could not, Reid's bed was clogging things up. The room was discombobulated by his bed heading for the door and finding a new home just a few blocks away. Last night I placed the ad for my moving sale next Saturday. And did the final bit of touch-up painting in between episodes of Heroes. Empty totes and boxes are waiting to be filled. It is now twenty days to leaving. Temporary housing has yet to be secured. I am strangely calm. Or perhaps have completely taken leave of my senses and all that is left is a blissful inanity. I have promised the son a bacon-laden breakfast prior to commencing with deck repair. Bacon is energy food, right? It's all a big experiment.

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