Saturday, April 9, 2016


No, we're not playing chess. Nor are we requesting the bill for food and drink. In the first place I have never been a chess player. Though I do enjoy and admire the quite extraordinary variety of chess sets, both in materials used and characters portrayed. And it is not the second instance of check! either. In which case it should be followed by please!. Yesterday the younger son and I checked an item off the South Dakota Bucket List by traveling to Vermillion, SD and taking in the National Music Museum. A very impressive display of authentic, original, and unique musical instruments. An iPod Touch with headphones is issued to you upon entering and at various displays you may listen to music and information related to said display or watch a video. My musical son was a bit disappointed in that there was no banjo sound bite to listen to although there were numerous banjos on display. They were also lacking in Scottish bagpipes. My favorite was this, of which only two remain. My other fave was the prop trumpet from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that has heart-shaped tubing at its center. Which, unfortunately, due to its shape is impossible to play. I had planned this excursion over a week ago not being aware until we arrived that there is no entrance fee on Fridays! Though if you go on Friday with this in mind and neglect to do a free will offering at one of the many opportunities throughout the museum I will judge you with impunity. Unless you truly can't afford it. They created underwritten Friday just for you. Rock on. Or harpsichord on. 

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