Thursday, April 14, 2016


No wonder, despite the inconvenience and the age of the item. No wonder she wanted it. Attempted load in first vehicle, fail. Wonders if item can be strapped to the top. No. Return with pickup and attempt to load. Fail again. Wonders again if it can be loaded on top. Again, no. Remove topper from vehicle, success. Move it across town. Store it. Return for topper. Says, thanks! Must eventually haul item again for nearly three hundred miles to its final destination. Her husband, who is in ill health, helps with moving and loading efforts even though he is out of breath and clearly not feeling well in the unexpected heat. She thought it was free. No wonder she wanted it. I can't believe she thought it was free. I know I mentioned the price in earlier conversations about the item. I can't believe she thought it was free. I can't believe I said nothing. Still processing.

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