Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Day of Rest. Not!

The extremely full garbage can is waiting at the curb for the early morning truck to swallow its contents. The cabinets in the garage have been cleaned out. The deck pots have been cleared of soil and rocks and rinsed out. My car is loaded with boxes of various items ready to be delivered to Goodwill tomorrow. A menu has been planned for next weekend's party. There is a table set up in the garage to serve as a work space for getting all of the framed wall art things packed up this week. I discovered what I hope is the final box of recyclable electronic stuff in the garage. And I wonder if I have time for a run to Sioux Falls where I know I can recycle most of it. Another large box of planting pots is waiting in the garden shed to be recycled. It was a dirty day of yard and garage business out there and someone, namely moi, had to take care of it. But for now, I am showered and in clean jammies and cuddled in my big chair with Newt. I am about to attempt watching a movie but fear I will doze off in the middle. If I were smarter I'd go to bed now. But it's really too early for that. At least for a wild woman like me it is.

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