Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thank You Mrs. Fritz

I am exhausted. It has been an exciting few days with many miles on the road and entering the crazy world of buying a house in a highly competitive market. I'm also overflowing with an enormous sense of gratitude. It's not always about the money. My thanks to the family matriarch who owns the home that will soon be mine. I may never meet her but she has given me such a life-affirming boost! She participated in the negotiations that determined which of the six solid offers would be accepted via phone. My offer was not the most dollar-wise. But she liked how solid and responsible I looked on paper. And she liked me! Based on the short, personal letter I wrote that was included in the other documents she kept steering the conversation back to me. It took nearly five hours of deliberation before a decision was made. There are still a few puzzle pieces to nudge into place before the house is my home. And tomorrow when I have shaken off this road trip stupor the nudging shall begin! For sure by Thursday...

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