Saturday, March 5, 2016

Buy Me!

We, meaning the house, are for sale again. Met with realtor Sarah last week and did the paperwork to make it all official-like and everything. I love Kristi so much for coming over earlier this week and taking a carload of crafty supplies and toys off my hands. One trip to Goodwill of various items with another taking shape in the back of the Outback as we speak. The bathrooms are glorious with nary a water spot to be found. The ovens have run their cleaning cycles and I swear you could eat out of them, not merely the food that emerges from them. Over a dozen boxes have been packed and are stowed neatly out in the garage. If only I could locate that spare house key to hide in the realtor's lock box. It's getting down to the bare minimum of stuff to move. Only ten or so items to list and sell. This is feeling possible. 

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