Monday, March 21, 2016

A Toast to Miss Naked Tinker!

Seven years ago in Denver there was this lovely Irish pub across the street from the hotel where Martine and I were staying. There was a beer I enjoyed and not simply due to its alluring name. Before we left town I wanted to get a pic of the tap because, as you can see, I felt a true kinship with Miss Naked Tinker. For some reason, probably a case of the stupids, I could not/did not/was not able to shut off the flash on my camera. Resulting in a truly annoying glare. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit this because I'd had the camera for well over a year. Now, with my barely yet somewhat advanced photo editing skills, I have removed most of the glare rendering Miss Naked Tinker visible. As you can see, she is not naked. But does not seem as though she would object to being naked under the right circumstances. No wonder I like her.

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