Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why I Can't Answer The Phone

I hear the muffled sound of the landline ringing from my office downstairs. It stops. I apprehensively glance at my cell and it lights up and plays Fur Elise. It's my father. He's persistent tonight. I get up and carry my dinner plate over to the sink. The tinny music stops abruptly and the three shrill beeps announcing a missed call sound out. I've avoided him before for various reasons. I'm just not up to talking about nothing or I'm on my way out or I don't care. Tonight it's different. I can thank Donald Trump for that. As if it weren't enough that this man is a rude, egotistical, narcissistic, mysogynistic blowhard who knows nothing of public policy, government, the military, or foreign policy, he thinks he'd make a great President!  Even though his lack of presidential credentials doesn't seem to put off the rabid hordes that support him, maybe his unabashed mention that he would "date" his daughter if she wasn't, well, his daughter, might. Because she's so beautiful and has such a great body. Trump doesn't come right out and say it, but what he does say is dangerously close to suggesting that incest is a perfectly fine thing to do. As disgusted as I have been with Donald Trump, both the human being and the presidential candidate, last week this video from a couple of years ago surfaced. And I am even more disgusted. How does this have anything to do with me not answering my phone? Three years ago our father said something in a similar vein to my sister that Trump says in this video clip. She was horrified and it took her nearly a year to tell me about it. So. My dad and the Donald. They both think their daughters are attractive and don't mind if people think they are dating. Two peas in a pod. I feel sick. And I don't think I can ever speak to my father again

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