Monday, February 8, 2016

The Not Good Doctor

Hmmmm. A doctor who is also a state legislator is being "scrutinized" for possible conflict of interest. This doesn't surprise me a bit. An orthopedic surgeon who examined me, a work comp patient, in a deliberately rough manner to ensure that I actually had issues with pain, isn't the sort of guy who would first do no harm. He informed me that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and that I needed to face that fact, and that he was going to cut me now or cut me later, so it didn't matter what I thought. If the emails that mention him turn out to provide evidence that he has a conflict of interest and has used his office as a state senator to gain personal wealth in his business dealings, I do hope he is punished to fullest extent that is allowed. I know that I have a biased opinion of the guy, but if a doctor is willing to make an inaccurate as well as questionable diagnosis so he can perform surgery for which he will be paid, it's not a far stretch to think he would behave unethically under other circumstances.

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