Friday, February 5, 2016

Conversation With Myself

I am already under the influence of a glass of chardonnay. That reminds me, I need to find out the name of that pinot noir I had at Minerva's, it was beyond delish. Ballmer Peak achieved means I am typing faster than a speeding bullet. Well, it's five o'clock somewhere. Wait! It's five o'clock here! Boys are stupid. With the exception of the two to whom I gave birth. They are brilliant and wonderful. I really should go upstairs and see how the beginnings of soup are coming along. Creamy chicken mushroom to be precise. But I'm waiting for the dryer to finish so I can go fold and hang stuff before it gets all wrinkly. All this up and down the stairs is tiresome when you have stuff going on in the kitchen and the laundry room. How is office cleaning/organizing/decluttering going? Thanks for asking! Six boxes packed, one closet totally organized, shredding continues. That's why I'm drinking at such an early hour. Hands are cranky from all the fine motor with the hands the last couple of days. As soon as the dryer buzzes I'm upstairs where the rest of the wine is. This tipsy tirade comes your way courtesy of Bellona of Avalon. In the Vixen, Xanthippe, Virago tradition. Naturally.

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