Friday, January 22, 2016

Woe is Knees

My knees are cranky. They have become aware that I didn't take them on one single stinking bike ride last summer. So in retaliation they are doing little popping noises and threatening to slip just enough out of place to cause me annoyance and pain. I am sorry, knees! Last spring and summer I was busy using up my daily spoon allotment to paint and polish and unclutter the house that didn't sell! Meh. Over twenty years ago I discovered that a regular regimen of bike riding kept my knees in great shape. It appears that I was born under a wobbly knees curse and had suffered through a number of sprains until I took up bike riding for pleasure and exercise. Since my bike is currently snowed into the garden shed, the two pound weights must suffice. If I'm sitting on my butt watching an episode of Pushing Daisies, I just pretend I'm pushing pedals with an extra two pounds on each foot. Today was my third day. My knees already feel sturdier. As long as the weights are out, I may as well do the arm routine, too. Tank top season runs concurrent with bike season. I will be ready!

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