Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My First Car

Fall of 1977 in Williston, ND. Grandma Esther likely snapped this pic. Probably the first road trip in my 1974 Chevy Nova. Looks like we are engaging in the midwestern ritual known as the Norwegian goodbye. We say goodbye in the house, then out in the yard, then we snap a photo to commemorate the event, then we get into the car and roll down the windows to wave and say goodbye one more time as we are pulling away from the curb. We continue to wave as we make our way down the street until we are out of sight. Then we wipe our eyes and noses and settle in for the hours-long drive. Variations on the Norwegian goodbye can include prolonging the process by one or more of the participants going back in the house for a forgotten item or to use the bathroom, or for the host to run back into the house to fetch a bag of sandwiches or perhaps cookies for the travelers to enjoy on the trip home. Sometimes the trip home is less than half an hour in duration. Food is love, doncha know.

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