Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Car Number 6

I was not able to find a photo of my Villager. Fortunately, the internets had one. Mine was a very nice dark gray with gray interior. 
 Buying a second minivan was sort of a fluke. The Antichrist had been experiencing periodic death throes and I had taken to driving through local car lots perusing what was available. I had my eye on a station wagon but I don't remember the make or model. I do remember that it was green. When I stopped to inquire about test driving it, I was told that it hadn't started earlier that day so wasn't available to drive. She steered me toward the 1995 Mercury Villager (which is a Nissan Quest in disguise) on the lot and asked if I'd like to take that for a spin instead. So I did. It was quiet. It was comfortable. It did not handle like a tank, but more like a midsize sedan. When we decided to buy it, I couldn't believe our extraordinary luck in that they were willing to take the Antichrist off our hands in trade. For close to the same dollars we had spent buying it five years earlier. This was a case of smile, sign all the papers, and wait to cackle gleefully until we were safely away in the new vehicle.

We did have a few inside pics. This of me riding shotgun on our way to North Dakota in July 1999 to visit Grandma Esther.

I happily drove this car for ten years and put over 100,000 miles on it. It then became Michael's first car when he was a freshman in college. I passed it on to him because I had a bad case of Subaru fever. I still have the middle seat from the Villager out in the garage. I could only let go of 95% of it.

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