Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Long Time Ago...

L to R, my big brother Scott holding little brother Cullen, me, cousin Cory in Santa's (in actuality, Uncle Carl. Clay, Cory, and Sara's dad) lap, Aunt Mamie with Clay, and in the foreground, three-month-old Sara.

...on a Christmas Eve far, far away. 1964. Williston, North Dakota. Celebrating with Santa and the Skurdal cousins. I have no idea what I am holding so carefully in my little hands. And little sis Martine is nowhere to be seen. At that age she had a major fear-of-SatanSanta thing going. And due to my sloppy typing form, I just wrote Satan instead of Santa. Making Martine's fear much more rational seeming. Suddenly this has become creepier than the Luke, I'm your father moment. 

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