Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weighty Subject

Weight has been on my mind. In particular the association between my physical weight and my spiritual/emotional weight. I have been an emotional eater since the age of eleven but did not recognize that fact until fifteen or so years ago. It took a great deal of time to make the connection between feeling stressed and the fact that I ate in response to it. Not a good thing. So it seems some unhealthy eating habits have settled in again and I've been doing my best to ignore their manifestation. I need these cookies! I need these peanut butter white chocolate pumpkin shaped thingys! I need these fried semi-vegetable-like things dipped in cheese sauce! Could it be that if I dealt with the stuff that's really bothering me that these unnatural needs would disappear? Hmmmm. I made a positive move earlier today to relieve myself of some emotional negatives by paring down my social media contacts. And I feel better already. It's time to be more mindful about what I consume. That includes so much more than what I put in my mouth. I've known for years that what I take in through my ears and eyes and heart has a direct influence on what I eat. If I put myself on a strictly positive emotional/social/spiritual diet, the calories take care of themselves. How many times must I learn this lesson? Until I get it right. 

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